composer - music for screen


percussive driven orchestra

instrumental with voice

building tension

slow and haunting melodic piano

bombastic orchestra

suspense and effects

synth led mystery suspense

steady percussive tension

Sad and suspenseful build

original song with vocals

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All Music Copyright © 2005-2012 Howard Rees. All Rights Reserved.


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The Hunt

Arena Fight


A Distant Memory

Fateful Dawn

Hazardous Behaviour

Hidden Agenda


I’ll Wait Up For You

Memphis Bound

performed by Rob Reynolds

Upbeat and comedic underscore

Light and optimistic instrumental

Master of Disguise

Bright New Day


The feature film Victim was released in cinemas around the UK on June 22nd 2012 and is now available to buy on DVD and Bluray. Here is the score to the opening scene of the film...

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Victim - opening scene